In Development for TransportDB

Current Priorities:

Autocomplete option for Compare Organisms page so that users do not need to scroll through the list of organisms or use the text search option on their web browser.

Tree and alignment display implemented in JavaScript, replacing the current Java setup that has usability issues due to security burden.

Richer data in Compare Organism table, presently this just presents a table with numbers of transporters in each of the organisms selected. While this will be retained, we plan to add more dynamic visual representations of this data, in the short term showing the differences in proportions of transporters, but ultimately showing the relationships between them as well, in the form of chord diagrams or other. Addtionally this dynamic view will allow the user to zoom in on particular transporters in the manner of the existing sunburst and treemap visualisations.

In the transporter treemap add the capacity to update the list of proteins at any level of the treemap by clicking.

Add a submission form to this page

Replace Java tree and alignment viewers with JavaScript/D3 implementation

Please email any suggestions or bugs to ian.paulsen or liam.elbourne