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Curriculum Vitae


A main interest underlying my work has been to utilise genome sequence information together with other high-throughput technologies to determine how bacteria respond to stress conditions. Given the major role microorganisms play in supporting aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, there is great potential to take advantage of recent molecular advances to focus research on species that underpin key ecological processes.


PhD SYDNEY UNIVERSITY, Sydney, Australia, 2007-2004 (Thesis entitled: Gene Cassettes as an evolutionary resource for Pseudomonas sp.)

BSc MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY, Sydney, Australia, 1998-2001 (First Class Honours, University medalist, GPA: 3.955)

Awards and Scholarships

2013 • Macquarie Research Excellence Awards, Highly Commended for Excellence in Research- Science and Engineering category. • GRC Marine Molecular Ecology Travel Award

2006-2007 • Jean Gilmore bursary ($6000)

2004-2007 • Australian Postgraduate Award

2001 • University Medal for Biology • Bill Cantwell Prize for Biological Sciences Honours (First place) • University Honours Scholarship ($5000) • Grains Research and Development Corporation Scholarship ($5000)

2000 • Milthorpe Memorial Prize

1999 • Australian Federation of University Women Prize for Biological Science

Publication List

Karl A Hassan, Scott M Jackson, Anihit Penesyan, Simon G Patching, Sasha G Tetu, Bart A Eijkelkamp, Melissa H Brown, Peter J Henderson, Ian T Paulsen (2013) Transcriptomic and biochemical analyses identify a family of chlorhexidine efflux proteins. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA Nov 25. [Epub ahead of print] (IF: 9.737)

Sasha G Tetu, Daniel A Johnson, Deepa Varkey, Kathy Phillippy, Rhona K Stuart, Chris L Dupont, Karl A Hassan, Brian Palenik, Ian T Paulsen (2013) Impact of DNA damaging agents on genome-wide transcriptional profiles in two marine Synechococcus species. Frontiers in Microbiology Aug 16;4:232 (IF- na)

Sasha G Tetu, Katy Breakwell, Liam DH Elbourne, Andrew J Holmes, Michael R Gillings, Ian T Paulsen (2013) Life in the dark: metagenomic evidence that a microbial slime community is driven by inorganic nitrogen metabolism. The International Society of Microbial Ecology Journal 7(6):1227-36 (IF: 7.375)

Daniel N Farrugia, Liam D H Elbourne, Karl A Hassan, Bart A Eijkelkamp, Sasha G Tetu, Melissa H Brown, Bhumika S Shah, Anton Y Peleg, Bridget C Mabbutt, and Ian T Paulsen (2013) The Complete Genome and Phenome of a Community-Acquired Acinetobacter baumannii. Plos ONE 8(3):e58628 (IF: 4.092)

Karl A Hassan, Sasha G Tetu, Liam DH Elbourne, Eric A Johnson, Ian T Paulsen (2013) Genome sequence of the Group III Clostridium botulinum strain Eklund-C. GenomeA 1(2):e00044-13 (IF- na, cit:1)

Liisa Kautto, Jasmine Grinyer , Ian T Paulsen, Sasha G Tetu, Aneesh Pillai, Swapneel Pardiwalla, Ugur Sezerman, Gunseli B Akcapinar, Peter Bergquist , Junior Te’o , Helena Nevalainen (2013) Stress effects caused by the expression of a mutant cellobiohydrolase I and proteasome inhibition in Trichoderma reesei Rut-C30. New Biotechnology 30(2):183-91(IF: 2.756)

Joyce E Loper, Karl A Hassan, Dmitri Mavrodi, Edward W Davis II, Chee Kent Lim, Brenda T Shaffer, Liam D H Elbourne, Virginia O Stockwell, Sierra L Hartney, Katy Breakwell, Marcella D Henkels, Sasha G Tetu, Lorena I Rangel, Teresa A Kidarsa, Neil L Wilson, Judith van Mortel, Chunxu Song, Rachel Blumhagen, Diana Radune, Jessica B Hostetler, Lauren M Brinkac, A Scott Durkin, Daniel A Kluepfel, W Patrick Wechter, Anne J Anderson, Young Cheol Kim, Leland S Pierson III, Elizabeth A Pierson, Steven E Lindow, Donald Y Kobayashi, Jos M Raaijmakers, David M Weller, Linda S Thomashow, Andrew E Allen & Ian T Paulsen (2012) Comparative genomics of plant-associated Pseudomonas spp.: insights into diversity and inheritance of traits involved in multitrophic interactions. PLoS Genetics 8:e1002784 (IF: 8.694, cit: 39)

Chee Kent Lim, Karl A Hassan, Sasha G Tetu, Joyce E Loper & Ian T Paulsen (2012) The Effect of Iron Limitation on the Transcriptome and Proteome of Pseudomonas fluorescens Pf-5. PLoS ONE 7:e39139 (IF: 4.092, cit: 8)

Martin Ostrowski, Sasha G Tetu, Karl A Hassan, Anahit Penesyan, Chee Kent Lim, Liam DH Elbourne, Liping Li, Deepa Varkey and Ian T Paulsen (2011) From omics to systems biology: Exploring the mystery box of microbial life. Microbiology Australia 32:147-151. (IF- na)

Sally R Partridge, Justin A Ellem, Sasha G Tetu, Zhiyong Zong, Ian T Paulsen, John R Iredell (2011) Complete sequence of pJIE143, a pir-type plasmid carrying ISEcp1-blaCTX-M-15 from an Escherichia coli ST131 isolate. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 55:5933-5935. (IF: 4.841 cit: 9)

Martin Ostrowski, Sophie Mazard, Sasha G Tetu, Kathy Phillippy, Daniel A Johnson, Brian Palenik, Ian T Paulsen, David J Scanlan (2010) PtrA is required for coordinate regulation of gene expression during phosphate depletion in a marine Synechococcus. The International Society of Microbial Ecology Journal 4:908-921. (IF: 7.375, cit: 15)

Paul H Roy, Sasha G Tetu, Andre Larouche, Liam DH Elbourne, Simon Tremblay, Qinghu Ren, Robert Dodson, Derek Harkins, Ryan Shay, Kisha Watkins, Yasmin Mahamoud, Ian T Paulsen (2010) Complete genome sequence of the multiresistant taxonomic outlier Pseudomonas aeruginosa PA7. PLoS One 5:e8842. (IF: 4.092, cit: 61)

Sasha G Tetu, Bianca Brahamsha, Daniel A Johnson, Vera Tai, Kathy Phillippy, Brian Palenik, Ian T Paulsen. (2009) Microarray analysis of phosphate regulation in the marine cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. WH8102. The International Society of Microbial Ecology Journal 3:835-849. (IF: 7.375, cit: 46)

Sandra K Tanz, Sasha G Tetu, Nicole G Vella, Martha Ludwig (2009) Loss of the transit peptide and an increase in gene expression of an ancestral chloroplastic carbonic anhydrase were instrumental in the evolution of the cytosolic C4 carbonic anhydrase in Flaveria. Plant Physiology 150:1515-1529. (IF: 6.535, cit: 22)

Daniel A Johnson, Sasha G Tetu, Kathy Phillippy, Joan Chen, Qinghu Ren, Ian T Paulsen (2008) High- throughput phenotypic characterization of Pseudomonas aeruginosa membrane transport genes. PLoS Genetics 4:e1000211. (IF: 8.694, cit: 23)

Sasha G Tetu, and Andrew J Holmes (2008) A family of insertion sequences that impacts integrons by specific targeting of gene cassette recombination sites, the IS1111-attC Group. Journal of Bacteriology 190:4959- 4970. (IF: 3.825; cit: 14)

Sasha G Tetu, Sandra K Tanz, Nicole Vella, James N Burnell, Martha Ludwig (2007) The Flaveria bidentis beta-carbonic anhydrase gene family encodes cytosolic and chloroplastic isoforms demonstrating distinct organ- specific expression patterns. Plant Physiology 144:1316-1327. (IF: 6.535, cit: 36)

Nicholas V Coleman, Sasha G Tetu, Neil Wilson, Andrew J Holmes (2004) An unusual integron in Treponema denticola. Microbiology-SGM 150:113524-3526. (IF:3.061, cit: 22)

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