Transporter Proteins in

Escherichia coli K12-MG1655


Confidence Level of Functional Assignments:


Weak Bioinformatic Evidence


Strong Bioinformatic Evidence


Experimental Evidence

The Amino Acid-Polyamine-Organocation (APC) Family
AroP(b0112)     12
phenylalanine/tyrosine 2.A.3.1.3 experimental
CycA(b4208)     12
D-Serine/D-alanine/glycine:proton symporter 2.A.3.1.7 experimental
GabP(b2663)     12
GABA uptake 2.A.3.1.4 experimental
LysP(b2156)     12
lysine 2.A.3.1.2 experimental
PheP(b0576)     12
phenylalanine 2.A.3.1.1 experimental
YeeF(b2014)     12
proline? 2.A.3.1.X weak
YifK(b3795)     12
? 2.A.3.1.X weak
YjeH(b4141)     11
antiporter? 2.A.3.2.X weak
YjeM(b4156)     12
? 2.A.3.X.X weak
YhfM(b3370)     12
? 2.A.3.2.X weak
YgjI(b3078)     12
? 2.A.3.X.X weak
CadB(b4132)     12
cadaverine/lysine antiport 2.A.3.2.2 experimental
PotE(b0692)     12
putrescine/ornithine antiport 2.A.3.2.1 experimental
XasA(b1492)     12
glutamate? 2.A.3.1.X strong
YjdE(b4115)     12
arginine:agmatine antiporter 2.A.3.2.5 experimental
MmuP(b0260)     12
S-methylmethionine 2.A.3.1.10 experimental
ProY(b0402)     12
proline? 2.A.3.1.X weak
YbaT(b0486)     12
amino acid? 2.A.3.1.X weak
ycaM(b0899)     13
amino acid? 2.A.3.1.X weak
AnsP(b1453)     12
asparagine? 2.A.3.1.X weak
ydgI(b1605)     13
arginine/ornithine antiport? 2.A.3.2.X weak
YcjJ(b1296)     12
lysine? 2.A.3.1.X weak